Commercial, Professional, Wildlife Management Control

Corporate Contract Services

Town Lake Construction, LLC offers wildlife control services on a contractual basis to corporate clients. Contract services allow you to budget for a service that assures you that any wildlife situations that pose potential liability issues with tenants, students, customers and/or employees, will be addressed consistently, immediately and professionally.

With contract services, you receive a tailored analysis geared to address your specific issues and concerns with wildlife invasion on your property. We submit a bid for retrofitting correctable issues. Many of our clients are so pleased with our modifications to control unwanted wildlife; they feel confident in retaining our continued services for resolving any future wildlife issues.

Under contract, Town Lake Construction offers greatly expanded services, which include:

  • 24/7 immediate response, on-call Wildlife Removal
  • Odor removal
  • Raccoon removal
  • Feral cat removal
  • Water-proofing
  • Drivet repair
  • General construction

Be proactive to your wildlife control issues, as opposed to reactive: contact us for a wildlife control program tailored to suit your specific needs.