Commercial, Professional, Wildlife Management Control


“We initially hired Town Lake Construction a number of years ago for humane bat removal and have since had no additional problems with bat intrusion. Since then, we have hired them to perform waterproofing, painting, roof repairs and a multitude of other construction projects. We have found that they are always dedicated to finding the problem source, then resolving the problem and they always stand behind their work. We know we can always rely on Town Lake Construction to perform quality work at our properties.”

Lynette H. Dahmer, Senior Property Manager

“I'd like to thank Town Lake Construction for their quick response to our bird problem. Their knowledge and experience helped us to remove several birds from our clean-room in a very timely manner.”

Daniel Carl, Senior Facilities Engineer

“On two separate occasions our campus discovered Raccoons residing in our attic space with babies nesting inside some wall spaces.

The first incident happened last year in Bldg 2, shared by Advanced Micro Devices and Spansion. It did not go well at first, as we had our in-house maintenance crew set a trap and improperly release the Raccoon. Unfortunately, the trapped Raccoon was a nursing mother thus leaving babies behind that could be heard crying. We quickly realized we needed to bring in professional animal control services. Town Lake Construction immediately tracked down the babies and several other internal Raccoons and released them to Wildlife Rescue for proper evaluation and care. They even followed up and traced their egress routes through the building, allowing us to properly seal the building from future problems.

The second incident occurred this year in Bldg 1. Again, a mother and her baby Raccoons were in that attic space with the babies nesting inside a wall. This time we contacted TLC immediately and they set about isolating the nest and pulling the two babies out by hand. The very next day, the mother was captured and reunited with her babies at Wildlife Rescue Center.

Town Lake Construction is now our primary source for animal control issues on campus as they consistently impress our customers and management with their timely and methodical approach to animal problems. I highly recommend their services.”

Paul Jameson, Facilities Contract Services

“I have had the pleasure of working with the specialists at TLC. Our building was home to a growing raccoon population, of which we had captured and released only one within 10 days. When I contacted TLC for assistance, they explored the building and found several locations where the animals were entering. Once these areas were identified and plugged, it was then a matter of capturing those raccoons still in the building above the ceiling tiles.

The TLC specialist placed safe traps in areas likely to be most visited or where employees had heard movement. Within just a few days, TLC had captured 3. Within 2 weeks, the building was completely free of raccoons!
I would recommend TLC to anyone experiencing pests within their buildings. The specialists understand animal behavior and know effective methods of bating, capturing and releasing animals back into their natural habitats. The specialists at TLC have a humane approach to animal handling, work hard to bring customer satisfaction and all at a reasonable cost.”

Clark Cook, Safety Technician