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Bats Create Problems at Akins High

A colony of bats have taken up residence in the roof at Akins High School in South Austin.  Students say the smell is so bad it’s making people nauseous. Air purifiers have been installed and three classes were moved out of the Fine Arts Building Monday because of the bats. “Just walking into the dressing…
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Snakebite Cases On The Rise

FOX News Updated: Monday, 13 Jul 2009, 9:45 PM CDT Published : Monday, 13 Jul 2009, 8:56 PM CDT Doctors are warning people to watch their step. Snakebites are on the rise this summer , and experts say the lack of water is to blame. They expect the number of snakebites to double this year.…
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Experience and Know How

When the average person goes onto the internet to find a pest control company to solve their bird or bat problems, what they will find is that every pest control company with a website is the best, the largest, the most experienced and all of the rest of the industry is hugging their coat-tails trying…
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Bat Capital of The World

Let’s talk about Austin, Texas as it relates to the protection and care of wildlife species. I have always heard that Austin, Texas is a certified “bird sanctuary” city. Not hardly. Although it has set aside thousands of acres to help preserve various animal habitats, i.e. warblers and salamanders, it greatly lacks in terms of…
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Between your ears

The hardest part of anything for me is at the beginning. Ideas come easy. Making something solid and useful from my ideas is something entirely different. You know, creating something from what’s between your ears. It sounded like a good idea; “yeah, let’s have a Blog on the new website”. Now sitting in front of…
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