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Bat Season 2016

This year started off with a bang and here at Town Lake Construction, we've barely had time to catch our breath!  Sticking with that theme, bat season in Central Texas has started back up early this year; we believe it's due to all the warm weather we've had this winter.

Starting about two weeks ago we began getting calls from people requesting information about how to get rid of the bats they have started seeing in their buildings and/or homes. With the millions of bats in Austin every year, they can't all fit under the Congress bridge, but that doesn't mean you have to live with them either. Give us a call, let us help you with a safe, effective and humane solution.

Back in the shop, we have been developing and working on a revolutionary new bat house design for those who don't necessarily want to live with the bats, but don't mind sharing their property.  These bat houses were designed with the bats in mind and mimic what we see them preferring over and over again in the field.  We are really excited to show them off and are working hard to have them ready for purchase this bat season.  Stay tuned!