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Between your ears

The hardest part of anything for me is at the beginning. Ideas come easy. Making something solid and useful from my ideas is something entirely different. You know, creating something from what’s between your ears. It sounded like a good idea; “yeah, let’s have a Blog on the new website”. Now sitting in front of my computer, I am at one of those moments…In the beginning, forming this Blog out of thin air and transforming it into what you see before you. Bear with me for a few more sentences while I try to transform some idea to write about. O.K., I’ve got one, let’s try to second guess what goes on in the mind of a, domesticated from the wild, bird. Not ready for it, me neither. Some other time perhaps, when I have had my next encounter with Albert Einstein disguised as a Grackle. Maybe I could talk about when I first starting excluding bats from buildings. I could theoretically do this but and in reality, the events which led up to my first “bat encounter” are much too entertaining and in depth for me to go into at this hour. Now I am at the moment of truth, what do I say now? “I like this industry!” Where can you go rappelling off buildings and get paid for it? Some of the places I have had access to, range from the infamous book depository building in Dealey Plaza, The George Bush Governors Mansions, Darrel Royal Stadiums to movie sets and chance encounters with movie stars. I can’t remember how many times I have been interviewed for T.V. and the newspapers. You get the idea; we work in pretty cool places and meet a lot of interesting people. I never thought of the prestige we would gain when I first came up with this concept, way back in”93”. Another thing I really like about my business is the “specialist” aspect of our company. Most of my customers, have tried many ordinary pest control companies, to help them with their (insert animal) problem before I get the first call to do my “thing”. Desperation leads to some pretty accommodating circumstances for my Company, Town Lake Construction, which is now an LLC, formed to protect me from loosing my house. But I digress… so, the desperate conditions we come in to make us look like saviors on chariots, chariots in the form of pick up trucks with ladder racks. The scenario usually plays out like this: Bats are trapped in a building and are now swooping down on the accounting department, which incidentally really likes me now and will pay me in record time for our heroics, after we are finished, of course. After all, they are accountants. I like being “that guy’ who is a true specialist. Re-inventing the wheel and building a better mouse trap is an everyday occurrence for us. At least once an hour, I come up with some sort of contraption or new idea that will revolutionize the industry.

These are the topics which I can write about. So let me tell you about them one at a time…

– Tom Regner