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Deer Shield – Electronic Deer Control

Deer control has been an on-going problem in many cities in Texas.  Every year there is much discussion on how to get rid of the thousands of deer in areas such as Lake way, Rolling wood,  etc.

Now, BirdGard has come up with a great solution for those cute but destructive deer.  Deer Shield Pro uses digital recordings of aggressive, hostile and territorial deer sounds, broad-casted through high fidelity weather-resistant speakers to trigger a primal fear and flee response and it is very effective in controlling deer populations.  It has a built-in motion sensor, so it only turns on when the deer are present. The motion sensor can detect deer up to 75 feet away.  The detachable high fidelity weather-resistant speakers can cover up the 1.5 areas.  Sounds and timers are fully adjustable. The digital chip has 8 different sounds.  It runs off A/c or D/C voltage and comes with optional solar panels and marine batteries.

The Deer Shield Pro is ideal for: residential yards, commercial landscaping, grape and blueberry orchards, small farms and airfields. We like this product and plan to install them for our customers from Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Waco and Fort Worth.  This product can also be purchased from us if you would like to install yourself.