Commercial, Professional, Wildlife Management Control

Experience and Know How

When the average person goes onto the internet to find a pest control company to solve their bird or bat problems, what they will find is that every pest control company with a website is the best, the largest, the most experienced and all of the rest of the industry is hugging their coat-tails trying to catch up. Bologna! After all, there can only be one pest control company that is the best, the largest and the most experienced, and that company just so happens to be my company, Town Lake Construction. O.K., you see what I am driving at?

We specialize in high-rise pest control, via bird and bat proofing of buildings, so we gain a tremendous amount of experience in these specific fields. We do not kill ants, trap rats or spray lawns. Day-in and day-out we service high-rise building, municipal buildings and commercial facilities. The same men that the other companies send to your job may have been trapping possums at 10 A.M., spraying for bugs at 2 P.M. and be ready to tackle your bird problem at 4 P.M. I shudder to think about it. Even with the constant exposure to our specific line of pest control, we go through many learning curves daily. When you hire a pest control company to set up a bird-control system 300 feet in the air, the last thing a business owner needs are technicians on their building, that have little, or no experience, which is very common in this industry. We don’t spray to kill bugs, etc. even though we are licensed to do these things. If we are called to do it, we refer them to a pest control company that we like, which may I tell you is few and far between. You may ask why we don’t take on this extra work, after all, everyone else that is the biggest, the largest and the best does it. The answer is, if we don’t have the experience, the “know how”, and the capacity to be the best at it, or pretty close to the best, we don’t want any part of it at all.

–Tom Regner