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Odor Removal Takes an Expert

We perform quite a bit of research before our company, Town Lake Construction LLC endorses a new odor control product or procedure. New methods to combat odor problems come on to the market daily. We try quite a few of them, most of which do not live up to their claims; one of these products being deodorizers. Town Lake Construction flatly refuses to use any kind of deodorant as a means to remove odor from a commercial building, because most deodorants morph the smell of bat guano or bird dropping into something that, in most cases, are intolerable to building occupants. Getting rid of smells, not simply masking them, is our goal at this company. Whether the smell comes from a dead raccoon enclosed in a wall or roosting pigeons on a privacy balcony, we have the equipment and the odor abatement knowledge to tackle the source of any odor problem. Quite frankly, we have learned what we know through trial and error. When I first entered the pest control business, in Austin, TX, some 20 years ago, there was little in verifiable methods for the lasting control of odor. Twenty years and 4000 smell good products later, we have finally determined the good from the bad in treating unwanted smells. Our clients are typically from large Universities, corporations and municipalities. These institutions usually try to treat odor problems “in house” so by the time they give us a call, asking for assistance, the existing conditions have escalated out of control. Imagine 10 years worth of bird carcasses stacked up in a hot electrical vault, or 50 years of accumulated bat guano in a county court house attic. Dealing with this type of odor abatement project is all in a days work for us. Our staff has the verifiable training, certifications and the experience to do what it takes to make your odor problem disappear.

Tom Regner

Town Lake Construction LLC