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Some Do’s and Dont’s of Rodent Control


Dear Dan,

In response to your email regarding the closing of your clean room. Let me get this straight, you run the maintenance division of a large corporation in Austin, TX and you have found out that your clean room is overrun with rats and mice. At first, it started with reports of rat droppings. You called your “under contract pest control company” and told them you might have a rodent issue. They came out three days later to perform a brief inspection, check their outside bait stations and set a few traps. Everyone was happy, including your now increasing population of commensal friends, the rodents, but every day, new reports of rodent sightings come into your office. The pest control company in which you selected was supposed to get rid of these rodent situation. You have seen them advertise on television and you thought they were reputable because their company name starts with ABC and they are a local Texas company. Well you ask, “what did I do wrong?” Don’t feel too bad, this is typical for the industry. The difference between Town Lake Construction, LLC’s approach to your rodent problem and current pest control company you have under contract is the difference between happy clients and unhappy ones. First, you hired them for their low bid approach to general pest issues, not for a more dynamic, problem oriented companies, comprehensive approach. Unfortunately, getting what you paid for does nothing to solve an over population of rats and mice living in your building. For example, we never utilize bait station on the outside of a building until all foundation openings are closed. I cannot tell you how many sites I have been to like yours with obvious rodent entry/exit points directly adjacent to the bait stations. Secondly, T.L.C. does not have our crew on pest control routes, unlike your first in the phone book “critter ridder”; we stay with your building until we are satisfied that every possible opening has been sealed and the problem has been solved. This approach takes time. We do not have to spray for roaches at noon, kill ants at 2 PM and then try to squeeze you in to deal with hundreds of rodents crawling between the floors of your building. You should never let a route oriented pest control company near a problem like you have described. Hiring a company that won’t cut corners and has building engineering experience like Town Lake Construction, LLC is the right approach. Our staff has the verifiable training, certifications and the experience to do what it takes to make your rodent problem disappear. More on this later ………

Tom Regner
Town Lake Construction LLC