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Wildlife Control in Texas

Town Lake Construction, LLC the leading commercial pest control company serving all of Texas including Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Galveston, Corpus Christy and all smaller municipalities has recently included a full service division for the control of birds and other wildlife in the grape & wine industry.  We have been attending  regional field days in Texas  and showing the attendees all their bird abatement options,  such as: sound systems, visual  deterrents, bird control netting and fogging supplies.  We offer in house design, install all of our products and offer warranties.

Along with getting our feet wet in the wine and grape growing industry, we  have been busy this year designing, building and installing bat houses for insect control.  Due to the drought we have been having in Texas, this year has been especially busy in the snake department.  Among the snake calls we have taken this year, other than catching and relocating single snakes, we have found ourselves  incorporating snake control with the use of traps and electric snake fences.  Visit our website for more information at