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Professionals deal in batty situations

Q: Behind our house is a multi-unit complex. A small bat colony has been there for years. Last month a man closed up the opening so the bats cannot get out. It’s probably too late, but I saw foam on the ground so maybe they are trying to get out. Can someone look into this or tell me whom to notify? -Nancy Lackey

A: Notify the Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services environmental and consumer health unit (972-6124). “We handle bats and respond to live bat calls,” says spokeswoman Cecilia Fedorov. Dial 311 to report animal cruelty to animals.

Your question turned up some interesting bat facts. Some bats winter here and, if residing in a building, probably have more than one entrance and exit. Bats are non-game animals. Because the complex owner seeks to remove them from a home occupied by people, no laws are being violated.

Professional bat excluders such as Tom Regner, 444-5955, can be hired.

A list is available from Bat Conservation International, 327-9721 or

By Jane Greig
Austin American-Statesman