Commercial, Professional, Wildlife Management Control

Architectural Consulting & Blueprint Analysis

Once bats or birds have established themselves in or on your building, it is more difficult to prevent them from re-entering. Having your blueprints reviewed and certified as “Wildlife Resistant” saves time, money and is a service for your clients that makes you stand out from the competition.

We’ve seen thousands of buildings where materials could have been changed in the blueprint stage that would have eliminated or greatly reduced many common problems of infestation. One example is using square metal stock in open areas, rather than “I-beams,’ in order to eliminate ledges that appeal to nesting birds. Another common feature we find that allows bats to move freely into buildings is parapet roof flashings left un-caulked on pre-cast buildings. These are just a few examples of how certifying your blueprints as “Wildlife Resistant” can help you take measures before breaking ground that save significantly in the life, beauty and maintenance of your buildings.

My 36 years of experience in project management, and as a professional estimator, assures you that our blueprint analysis gives detailed, accredited recommendations that ensure a minimum amount of pest bird and bat invasions in your building, complex or campus.

Our office staff have the technology to read or convert AutoCAD DWG native files, other outputs such as DXF and DWF and the universal PDF format. We are connected to multiple bidding and submittal vehicles and can easily connect to your system if not connected already. Call us prior to IFC and we can save in post-construction rework.

We guarantee that your building will be wildlife resistant yielding great returns in time and money for all stakeholders. Town Lake Construction can work with multiple roles within a project:

  • Architect
  • Building Owner
  • Owner’s Representative
  • Facility Manager
  • Engineer
  • General Contractor

We specialize in blueprint analysis for these markets:

  • Government & Institutional
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • High Tech & Pharmaceutical
  • Research Labs & Cleanrooms
  • Data Centers
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Every project is unique. Please contact us to discuss your next design.