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Bird Abatement Systems

Town Lake Construction, LLC stays on the cutting-edge of bird abatement technologies and products. Because of this, we can provide the most effective solutions, while maintaining the integrity of your building.

Every project is unique, and there are hundreds of products available for bird abatement. Through years of experience, we’ve found that some of these products are continuously effective. The following is a short list of the bird abatement products we prefer to use, although we customize many of them to suit each individual project:

This is a great method for enclosed or semi-enclosed areas, such as courtyards, overhangs, awnings and some rooftops. It is made of a thin, almost invisible polyethylene twine and utilizes stainless steel installation hardware. It is effective against all bird species.

Electrical Ledge Deterrents
These are flexible track systems that are very effective on ledges, beams, signs, roof, and parapets. Their flexible design allows them to conform to any architectural design. They are highly discreet systems that deliver a low voltage shock to the feet of unwanted visitors.

Bird Slide
This product is used on ledges, eaves, angle irons, I-Beams and most “L” shaped ledges where total exclusion is the goal. Bird slide is effective against all bird species and when color matched to the building, it is virtually undetectable.

Health Hazards from Pest Birds
Pest birds can cause as many health hazards as rats. Birds harbor over forty types of parasites and can internally host over sixty types of infectious diseases, which can easily be passed on to humans. Direct contamination from feces is one way that nesting birds spread disease. Airborne spores from feces can enter air ducts and vents to settle on food or water and transfer disease. Many cases of salmonella every year are attributed to that route of transmission. Airborne particles from bird feces can also contain dormant fungi and/or bacteria. If inhaled, this can result in mild to deadly internal fungal infections. The parasites carried by pest birds are capable of transmitting literally hundreds of bacterial and viral agents, including encephalitis, pox, meningitis, and plague to human hosts.

Property Damage from Pest Birds
In America alone, damage from nesting pest birds is estimated in the tens of millions per year. Droppings, nesting materials and carcasses pose a host of problems, some of which have the potential to become severe enough to necessitate a shutdown of a facility - and that happens more often than you might think.

Bird droppings are highly acidic and actually eat away some of the most durable substances. The life expectancy of a warehouse rooftop can be cut in half by even a light contamination from droppings.

Nests built in gutters can cause extensive damage due to improper drainage and can even collapse a roof. Nesting material is also very flammable and poses a serious fire hazard. Both nesting materials and acidic droppings can also cause damage to air conditioners, industrial machinery, siding materials and insulation.

Accumulated droppings pose physical dangers, increasing financial liabilities from possible injuries. In addition, grounds and buildings contaminated with droppings create a negative image for companies and building owners. Town Lake Construction, LLC offers many effective solutions for your pest bird issues.

Odor Removal and Treatment
T.L.C. customizes an approach to remove the feces, and treats the affected areas with environmentally safe, non-toxic products to leave your buildings odor free, and greatly reduce any health threats from contamination caused by bird infestation.