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Migratory Bird Control

Managing and manipulating bird populations is an important facet of urban wildlife management. Problems associated with concentrations of migratory birds, such as the contamination of food and materials, health hazards, costly destruction to buildings, plus other liabilities, can usually be reduced through various techniques of dispersal or relocation.

Since birds are more apt to leave a newly-established roosting site, prompt action greatly reduces the time and effort required to successfully relocate unwelcome birds.

Town Lake Construction, LLC utilizes two approved and effective approaches for dispersing bird concentrations:

  • Environmental or Habitat Modifications
  • The use of “Frightening Devices”



Thinning or pruning of vegetation. Removing protective cover discourages birds from roosting. Thorough pruning is the first step we recommend as a lasting and less expensive strategy for making your trees less attractive to flocking birds.

Tree Netting. It's been our experience that this method often proves too expensive, unsightly and temporary. Therefore, we usually do not recommend tree netting as a sound and lasting method for habitat modification.

Thermal Fogging. A safe and humane bird dispersal method using pulse-jet thermal foggers. Designed for the precise application of liquid solutions over open areas.


The key to success with frightening devices is timing, persistence, organization and diversity. No single technique alone is effective, so we recommend the integration of numerous and varied techniques. We utilize Audio Systems, Pyrotechnics, Exploders, Hawk kites, Helikites, Light Lasers and Radio-controlled Flying Hawks, as well as other miscellaneous auditory and visual frightening devices.

Audio Systems of broadcasted alarms and distress calls are very effective in frightening many species of birds, and are useful in both rural and urban situations. Calls are amplified and broadcasted, and the units are periodically moved to enhance effectiveness.

Pyrotechnics have long been employed in bird frightening programs, and our technicians are trained to handle them with safety and caution in mind.

Automatic LP Gas Exploders (such as Zon Guns), are a reliable source of timer-controlled, unattended sound for frightening birds from roost sites.

Hawk Kites have been studied extensively on agricultural crops since 1979, resulting in significant reductions in the presence and damage caused by migratory birds.

Helikites are a combination of kite and helium-filled balloon offering an erratic flight pattern that is perceived as a danger by most species of birds, and can protect a large area.

Light Lasers are a humane bird scare device that consistently disperses many species of birds. It is directional and used as part of a diverse and mobile bird dispersal operation.

Radio-controlled Flying Hawks are proven highly effective in dispersing large flocks of birds from passing through airspace, resting on open bodies of water or from any location where access can be an issue.

Every location and client is unique and we're happy to work with you in a variety of ways. We offer our clients four, customizable levels of service for managing their urban bird population and migratory bird dispersal programs:

  • Consulting: We assess your property and devise an effective dispersal and management program customized to your unique needs.
  • Installation: Our experienced technicians install devices needed to disperse and manage your bird populations.
  • Maintenance: We maintain and execute on-going or seasonal dispersal programs with our experienced technicians.
  • Maintenance Training: If you prefer, we can even train your own personnel how to maintain ongoing or seasonal aspects of your dispersal program.