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Odor Elimination

Most people’s initial reaction to foul odor is irritation, but the more important problem can be the damage odor contaminants may do to our respiratory system. Breathing air contaminants causes many respiratory diseases. At Town Lake Construction, we found that offering odor removal was an important and necessary part of helping clients manage wildlife and the damage they sometimes incur.

Removing guano is a necessary step in some bat/bird exclusion cases. The best way to get rid of any odor is to remove the odor causing substance, clean all the salvageable, affected areas, and to replace materials that have been too ruined to salvage.

When removing guano or other odor causing substances, we use custom-made vacuums and attachments that allow us to access awkward and hard-to-reach areas, minimizing damage to walls, floors or ceilings.

After the odor causing substance has been located and removed, we treat affected areas with organic biocides that remove odor, and more importantly, neutralize harmful bacteria.

As the final step, our construction backgrounds allow us to leave you with professional-quality repairs that preserve the integrity or your building.

If you need odor removal services, or have questions, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to discuss your case.