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Rodent Control

Town Lake Construction, LLC performs rodent exclusions for many commercial businesses, city municipalities, state buildings, corporate complexes and educational institutions. Through our experience we have found that bait stations and traps, although good when used with an integrated pest management plan, do not suffice on their own for long term rodent exclusions. In order for any rodent control program to be effective on a long term basis, all four steps must be implemented and some steps must be continued on an annual basis. Our staff is certified in confined space entry, so sealing under-level utilities such as pipes and chases from rodent entry is included in our services. Many buildings that we inspect have exposed foundations, either from erosion, sprinkler systems or plumbing repairs. These conditions allow rodents easy access to the sub-grade of a building. Our staff has the training to install concrete foundation footings, which will block out the rodents entries, while maintaining the aesthetic of your building. Town Lake Construction, LLC uses the following four-point plan when controlling rodent populations:

There are four basic steps to implement when confronting a mouse & rat infestation:

  1. Inspection
  2. Sanitation
  3. Exclusion
  4. Population Reduction (traps, bait & repellents)




There are ten signs that we look for during our inspections: droppings, tracks, gnaw marks, burrowing, runways, grease marks, urine stains, live and/or dead rodents, rodent sounds and rodent odors. During our inspection, we get a better idea of the population size and the most likely routes taken by rodents to access the building, ensuring proper placement of traps and baits. During our inspection and throughout the project we take photo documents that display current conditions, repairs being made and competed work. These photographs are added to our close-out documents and supplied to the client for future reference.


In order for a large population of rodents to flourish, there has to be an abundance of food and water, as well as easy access to a cozy nesting site. By removing or reducing the factors that make any pest population abundant, you immediately reduce the pest population. Sanitation is the backbone of Integrated Pest Management.


Controlling mice & rats by making it impossible for them to enter the building is the next necessary step. Town Lake Construction does this by eliminating all openings larger than ½” for rats and ¼” for mice above and below grade.

Population Reduction:

To quickly reduce the population of rats and mice, traps and bait stations must be used. Town lake Construction utilizes the most humane traps on the market. These traps are continuously checked and re-baited as necessary.