Commercial, Professional, Wildlife Management Control

Snake Removal

When snake infestations are discovered, few professionals are willing to put themselves at risk, including most pest control companies, animal control personnel, and even the police. Town Lake Construction, LLC is unique in offering trained wildlife removal services to entities such as commercial businesses, city municipalities (i.e. nursing homes, hospitals, etc.), state buildings, corporate complexes and educational institutions.

In addition to removing snakes from your property, we can design and install electric snake fences and reusable snake traps that will prevent future infestations.

Town Lake Construction, LLC uses humane methods for capturing snakes, whenever possible. We use a variety of trapping methods specifically customized for each situation, and release the snakes in an area where they won’t pose a risk to humans. More aggressive measures are never used in our snake removal, unless there is a risk to humans irresolvable by any other method.